Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I miss Crookers

I miss Bubblegum Records

I miss Egypt '09

I miss arguing about whether it's called cheese on toast or toasted cheese (it's the first one...)

I miss Pippa

I miss your skinny jeans and huge trainers

I miss you offering me chocolate bourbons all the time, even though I always said no and you probably didn't realise I don't actually like them...

I miss quoting lines from Frontier Psychiatrist

I miss daytime Scrubs and the rushed lunch hour between Friars and ACS

I miss your weird one-armed air punch dancing

I miss your longer hair

I miss watching you stir ketchup into your mash and thinking, I'm gonna vom...

I miss you only making me half a cup of tea because you knew I'd never finish a whole one

I miss your Spyro nose

I miss your family

I miss going to Asda, buying £20 worth of sweets and spending all afternoon eating it all

I miss getting thrown off buses with you

I miss being open to your suggestions about new music

I miss your horrible disgusting mask

I miss the first ever Ramadance at the pub

I miss having to sleep in the spare room for the first 3 months

I miss your old big green Parka

I miss your Friday night DJ sets

I miss trying to persuade you to just wear my dressing gown to and from the bathroom

I miss dragging you round Sooooperdruuug!!

I just miss you.

A lot.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The eleventeen types of drunks

Over the past 3 years, I've encountered many varieties of the drunk and disorderly. Over the past week, I've noticed that most of my friends fall into at least one of the categories I've created since working at the pub. These are as follows; see if you recognise any of the characteristics in yourself!

So we have:

The honest drunk (Me, Jon, Dad)
Most likely to say:

- I've been dying to say this for ages...
- You know what I think about you, right...
- A load of swearing

The giggly drunk (Jess)
Most likely to say:

- I just spat. On the floor. I JUST SPAT, ON THE FLOOR!! HAHAHAHA!!

Beware of this kind of drunk, and they can very easily and dramatically turn into:

The emotional drunk (Jess, me)
Most likely to say:

- I feel so rubbish and empty, waaaahahahaa. He's such a pr*ck!! I hate him so much, aaaah why do I love him... I hate him!!

Then there's the...

Fun drunk (Fi, John)
Most likely to say:

- You know what we should do...?!
- I just found a knife!! Who wants their hair cut?!

The singing drunk (Me, Jess, Billy)
Most likely to say:


The Incoherent drunk (Me, Burgess)
Most likely to say:

- Y'know what... sphhhsll... ff... nmm, love you.
- Can I have a.. peach, no apple.... no, the pear one... peach st heliers, the apple one...
- I bloody *burp*... I bloody... gghhhh... bloody love you.

It seems I can quite easily be any kind of drunk and get on an array of people's nerves if I set my mind to it. So here's to another Jagerbomb...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Love Is...

- Loving your partner, knowing they love you too but both of you knowing the relationship doesn't work for whatever reason, greater than love itself (perhaps the most frustrating of situations)

- Loving someone and they have no idea (pretty frustrating)

- Loving someone who doesn't love you back (wait, the most frustrating?)

- Loving someone, knowing they love you too but not being able to be together because of crap circumstances (ah, maybe this is the most frustrating)

- Loving someone who's all wrong for you and you know it

- Watching the person you love, love somebody else

- Loving someone in a platonic sense, but knowing they love you more than that and not being able to give them what they want

- Loving two people, for very different reasons, at the same time

- Watching others be in love and not feeling that way for anyone

- Trying to love the right person and forget about the wrong person

- Loving someone enough to put the effort in, but they won't.

So really... love's a crock of shit.

(in the midst of all this lovey-dovey rubbish, I remembered there was a milky way hidden in my bag from earlier. SCORE!)

Bigmouth Strikes Again

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt", as Abraham Lincoln once said.

Right, so...

Go to bed. Shut up, sleep on it, re-think in the morning. You'll feel differently tomorrow. You always do.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Going Your Own Way

The other day I said to John that our group of friends are like Fleetwood Mac... all the breakups and relationships between us.
It used to be quite fun, and to be honest, gave us all something to talk about, but now I'm just finding it annoying.
Looking at a picture of some of us at Mayhem from last year (where we've all got loveguns, it's a good photo), it made me sad that I hardly speak to at least half of them anymore. Some went to uni, some of us seriously fell out and the others just kind of drifted apart.
I know that it's common for people this age to get close to people then drift away again, but I wish it wasn't the case because I really did like this lot. I feel like it doesn't matter what or who you try and hold on to, inevitably the time will come where you just don't fit together anymore, kind of like a breakup. Some situation - arguments, rumours, falling in love - makes things awkward and you have to take a step back.
You can't be friends with someone if someone else in the group doesn't like them. You can't be friends with either half of a couple, if they split up and don't talk to eachother. You can't be friends with a boy if you're a girl, and vice versa, especially if they're going out with someone else. You can't have an opinion on anyone in the group, it will just get back to them. You hang around too much, you're clingy. You let people have their space, you're shoved out. You try not to get involved with other people's arguments, you're boring. You TRY and get involved for the sake of helping, you get told to fuck off.
In fact, see my previous post - that's where I'm going with this.

Are all friends and circles like this? Why do I still feel like I'm at school?!