Thursday, 26 January 2012


Been walking along a pavement, heard a cyclist approach behind you and your natural instinct is to move, but you know if you move, you'll probably end up headbutting the ground with a bike parked up your bum?

Been tickled by something so much that you cry laughing, can't begin to explain to anyone what you're laughing at, you can't breathe, and you know you have to stop because it's really bad and you're the only one laughing and you know everyone will hate you, but you just can't?

Compared the amount of kisses in a received text to the amount you sent, and think 'alright, stroppy'?

Accidentally spat on someone whilst talking to them and not known whether they noticed or not, and whether to point it out or not 'cause you're not sure which is less embarrassing?

Tried to win an argument by saying something horrible offensive, but your nerves get the better of you and you come out with an insult that makes absolutely no sense? "I'll kick your shit!"

Sat down in a bath so hot it could melt the skin clean off your legs, only to top it up with more hot water 3 minutes later?

Tried to drum along to a song with your hands when you're on your own, totally not been able to keep up with the rhythm and felt massively embarrassed?

Spent ages analysing song lyrics, going over and over the same lines wondering if the artist felt what you're feeling now, felt so connected and like you'd found the answer, only to realise it was just a reference to drugs or a load of absolute nonsense?

Felt sad for a lonely inanimate object? A mop, a toy owl, the last cherry bakewell in the box?

Have a couple of days where everything's suddenly got a happy glow around it, even though nothing's changed, and you think you've sussed out life, only to be brought harshly and abruptly back to boring, normal, miserable earth?

Found the older episodes of The Simpsons to be much, much funnier than the new ones, despite having seen the old ones a million times?

Deliberately re-read a book you've had years, intended for people much younger than you, just to re-live your childhood a bit? And maybe been a bit embarrassed to be carrying around a Jacqueline Wilson book in your bag?