Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What a load of old tut.

As always, I've gotten worked up about something, waited until I was in front of a computer so I could vent it all in a blog and, to be quite honest, forgotten why I was even annoyed. Well I sort of remember; it was a bit about Friday Night Dinner and a bit about the ignorance of some of the meat eaters in this town. But I really can't be bothered with any of that now. So, in summary: Friday Night Dinner = wooden acting, painfully un-funny gags, thin meaningless plots, -4/10. Any thoughts here are welcome. That guy from The Inbetweeners just ISN'T funny. Having 2 deaf characters that just say 'what?!' to everything, ISN'T funny. Most of Southend = ignorant, illiterate cavement twits. I found this comment on the echo website underneath the article about The Railway menu going completely vegeterian: "Typical selfish vegans. Everywhere else is expected to cater for vegans on their menu, but when vegans open an eatery they refuse to cater for meat eaters. I hope they fail". Is this fair? I can't help but think that the person who wrote this is quite simply an idiot. Since vegans and vegeterians in this town are very much a minority, it does Southend absolutely no harm to open the FIRST and ONLY Vegeterian-only place in the town. People seem to forget that The Railway only does Sunday Roasts food-wise at the moment, so adding to the menu can only be a good idea. People also seem to think that vegans and vegeterians are just fussy and want to take the moral highground. For me, this isn't it at all, it's just how I was brought up. I had the choice to eat meat once I was old enough to make my own mind up, and I chose not to. I do eat fish (mainly out of convinience), so I would never preach to others about their lifestyle choices, and ask that re-consider their eating habits. If anything, it's the other way round. I don't understand how creating a vegeterian menu is a bad thing in any way. As my whole family have proved, you can live a healthy life not eating meat. Vegan/vegeterian food is really tasty and varied, we don't just live off lentils and nutroast. Somebody else wrote on the article "This offends my human right to have a meal with meat". Well, going into KFC, TGI Fridays or a steak house offends MY human right to have a meal without meat. So shut up. If you really, really can't go without meat for one meal then perhaps you could try popping in to one of the other 30 or so restuarants/cafes in town that do a 'normal' menu. And for those of us who are vegeterian, it will be a nice and refreshing change to be able to choose from anything on the menu, as opposed to 2, maybe 3 options. I might also point out that The Railway is a pub, not a restuarant so they can pretty much do whatever food they want. Perhaps someone can shed some light on what the hell's wrong with this bloody town.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Yesterday, in an act of revenge for dressing him up as a woman, my friend Glen went to town on my face and covered it in blusher, metallic eyeshadow and fashioned a gorgeous handlebar moustache out of black liquid eyeliner; I looked HOT. It made me realise that actually there is no point in moaning about how you look or wasting time worrying if other girls are prettier than you. I'm sure that lots of girls think that life is a competiton. You have to have the most perfectly applied makeup, the shiniest, straightest hair and a wardrobe full of Urban Outfitters/Topshop spring collection. Well, vanity is an ugly trait. So is fake modesty. And you can be the prettiest girl in the world but if you never smile, who would look at you twice? The most attractive trait in the world is laughter and a happy personality. I'll remember that next time I'm scowling in front of the mirror at my stomach or my untidy fringe. So yesterday, my friends saw me with a face full of disgusting looking makeup, and then, after I'd scrubbed it off, with none. They're all still talking to me. There's no point in being fake. There is no point in being so uptight you're afraid to do anything other than pout when posing for a photo. Really beautiful people are the ones with massive grins and don't care about looking 100% perfect. I'm not the perfect weight either, but chocolate makes me happy, so... You can all stop de-tagging yourself now and just appreciate that no one is perfect and, to be honest, no one really cares about how other people look anyway.